Interior Design Package: Essential


Essential Interior Design Package includes mood boards, design product boards, 3D models, 2D plans, shopable buying lists - everything you need to kick-start your project and create high-quality interior designs. 

Collaborating online, we assist you in achieving your interior design goals, efficiently moving from ideas and concepts to tailor-made designs that reflect your individual style and aesthetic, and ready to elevate your space.

See below for comprehensive list of deliverables and key features. 

How to book: Select start date from available slots on calendar below, then proceed to checkout. 

See case study and FAQ below to help you get started. 

Turnaround time & delivery method:
  • All interior designs and deliverables are digital files in format JPEG, PDF, PNG, XLSX accessible via our online Design Portal.
  • Comprehensive package of custom interior designs completed in just 28 days from the start date of package.
  • Its important you are available to provide info and feedback during period.
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Package includes:

  • Moodboards
  • 3D designs & plans
  • Revisions (up to x 3)
  • Design Product Boards
  • Shopable Buying Lists
  • Itemised Expenditure Sheets
  • One-to-one designer support
  • Video meeting (2 x 55 mins)
  • Private space in our Design Portal
  • Post design package support (up to 21 days)

Our comprehensive and premium design resources created specifically for your interior design project, will guide you through every step of the process, ensuring your vision comes to life with ease.

See Case Study here.


Shopable Buying Lists

Start purchasing for your project in a single click with shopable Buying Lists created specifically for your interior design.

  • Product links directly to retailers and suppliers.
  • Unit costs & guide to quantities.
  • Itemised expenditure sheet.

This essential design tool offers time and cost savings, providing essential information for swift and accurate ordering, while equipping your installers with the necessary details to complete the work.

essential interior design package


Moodboards are a compilation of inspiring images that align with your interior design style, essential for guiding the aesthetic and direction of your designs.

For example, a particular colour, detail, or finish could serve as a pivotal starting point to guarantee we interpret this into designs that resonates with your personal style.

essential interior design package

Design Product Boards

Design Product Boards showcase products chosen specifically for your project.

This enables you to visualise how various elements, such as furniture, fixtures, fittings, surface materials, and colours, harmonise to create a unified and cohesive style.

An essential design tool for creating a wholistic view of your designs and before product purchasing takes place.

essential interior design package

3D models & plans

Essential Interior Design Package includes 3D models and plans to help you fully visualise your new interior designs. These plans will enable you to successfully bring your project to life with clarity and ease:

  • Get accurate like-for-like quotes from contractors and installers prior to work commencing.
  • Share 3D designs with kitchen and bathroom suppliers working their product into your overall rooms designs and space plan.
  • Provide guidance for managing tradepersons directly on small projects.
  • Excellent starting point for bespoke fabricated items that may require manufacturer technical drawings.

Design Portal

Designs and files are uploaded to the Design Portal for convenient access on your desktop or mobile. This serves as our primary platform for communication and online collaboration.

  • View and download files for printing or sharing with contractors and installers.
  • Stay informed about new uploads or designs that need your input.
  • Efficient process with all messages and documents in a central location.
  • Access designs from anywhere, and oversee your project effectively.
essential interior design package

Designer support

Included in this design package:

  • 2 x 55 minutes of one-to-one consultation time
  • Message board inside our Design Portal for general communication and feedback.

Upon completion of your interior design package:

  • Receive an additional 21-day window to reach out and ask any further questions pertaining to your interior designs.

This interior design package is for you if:

  • Your home or property requires updating or remodelling and you'd like a cohesive interior design and organised plan to get your project off the ground.
  • You're tired of wasting time trying to figure things out for yourself, uncertain how to kickstart your project or where to purchase the top products to align with your budget and design vision.
  • You recognise the value of expert design assistance and support, coupled with time and cost efficiencies, helping you to successfully navigate your project whilst avoiding mistakes.
  • You'd like to be prepared with actual designs to get precise like-for-like estimates and quotes from contractors and installers eliminating guesswork and vague briefs.
  • You want the convenience and efficiency of working with a designer online to suit your home, work, and personal life.

How does it work?

The process for your Essential interior design package is simple!

1. Select your rooms:

Choose the rooms you'd like us to design. Receive confirmation and links to our Design Portal ready to get started!

2. Onboarding & Prep:

Share your room dimensions, photos, and answers to key questions that will shape your project brief and our online collaboration. We'll review your info and set up our first design meeting to get your designs rolling!

3. First designs:

We'll let you know files are ready for your review and with feedback required.

4. Final designs

We've now collaborated online, edited and reviewed your designs and all components of your design package are now ready!

5. Completion

You're interior design package is now complete and we'll offboard your project. Then its time to say our goodbyes and wish you every success with your project!


Case Study

Our design packages includes everything you need to create your dream space, including 3D models, 2D plans, surface materials, fixtures and fittings, budget analysis, and Shopable Buying Lists. Explore our case study project here.


How long does it take?
  • Explorer: 14 days
  • Essential : 28 days
  • Luxe: 35 days

Its important that you are available during this period to review your designs via our online Design Portal.

If you become unexpectedly unavailable during this time, we can pause your package once for 14 days.

Are revisions included?

Yes, we want to make sure your designs are to your satisfaction and revisions are included (up to x 3) in your design package.

Do you offer post package design support?

Yes, if there's anything you've missed or forgot to ask, you'll have a further 21 days to reach out and ask any questions pertaining to your completed design package. Alternatively, you can book 1:1 Interior Design Video Consultation for ongoing advice and support.

How do we have our meetings?

One-to-one video meetings are included in your design package. These take place via Zoom (browser or app). We can switch to voice call if this your preference or more convenient.

What is the Design Portal?

This is where our collaboration takes place, all design files are uploaded and serves as our primary platform for communication. The portal is simple to use on desktop or via the App.